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Weekend Recap December 3, 2012

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What a great weekend.  Me, mom and the kids left around 12:30 and headed to the beach.  We had to stop for our annual Arby’s lunch but then got right back on the road. 

We checked in, headed for some specialty shops and had dinner at the Dough Roller…yum!

The next day, we headed to the outlets for some Christmas shopping:)  After dinner, we bundled up to get ready for the lights!


We hopped on the tram..and we were off..





Sorry pictures are so poor..i just had the camera on my phone:/


Our newest picture in front of the poinsettia tree.  This is my favorite picture every year:)

I have so many exciting things planned this month..Happy Holidays all:)


And the fun begins… December 1, 2012

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This is the view from our room!

lil b keeps sitting in the window to watch the lights.

When we got back from dinner last night, look who was hanging out.

The kids were so excited that Skip Friddle joined us at the beach.

We’re off to a long day of shopping at the outlets…this is where my Christmas begins ❤


Sunday Funday November 25, 2012

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Ditty and I have been looking for ways to get the kids away from their electronic devices.  We decided a family hike would be perfect…


We headed to the state park to explore some trails…



These smile were priceless:)


You could really see the damage that Sandy caused.  A friend of mine, who took us in today’s journey, told us how trees had fallen and showed us were sand washed into the steam…



The kids had a ball…


Ditty had a ball…


I can’t wait to do it again next week:)

Anyone do anything fun this weekend?


Fallen Leaves

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The kids spent the morning raking leaves into our front yard and then jumping in them.


We’re off any minute for a family hike…


So Thankful November 23, 2012

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Long time no blog..right?

So much has been going on, but believe it our not, the chaos has been a little more manageable.


I had allergy testing..ugh..the itchiest 15 minutes of my life.  I was tested for 28 allergens and had a reaction to 26:/  At this point they are working to open my swollen nasal passages so that we can get the meds in there to clear up the gross stuff. 


We celebrated kp turning 8 and lil b turning 6…


We survived hurricane Sandy, and celebrated by dressing up like a skateboarding zombie and a kitty cat…


This little princess welcomed winter with a holiday performance to the Nightmare Before Christmas….


We welcomed Skip Friddle after Thanksgiving dinner…

I am so thankful this year that my dad is healthy and cancer free, my husband and children are happy and healthy, that my mother and my sisters remain my best friends ever and that so far..this is the best year by far.

Bring on Christmas!  I have so much to share with you…stay tuned:)


bunches of love October 24, 2011

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Saturday I took my little ones to a Fall Festival…they painted pumpkins, decorated cupcakes, bounced in a house..and got their faces painted.

I just love these guys bunches and bunches.

On another great note..I got a call Saturday night from my agent…the sellers have agreed to do all of the repairs that I requested!!  WOO HOO!!  As of right now, our settlement date is set for November 15….we’ll see how the repairs go…either way…I am getting my house!!!!


and we wait… October 18, 2011

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Yes, we are still waiting….

Our inspection cam back less than perfect..but that is kind of what we expected.  The house was build in the early 1900s, so we knew what was coming…

They found..DUN DUN DUNNNNN….

MOLD…that’s right the big M-O-L-D.

So we added an addendum, asking the sellers to remove the mold in the basement, treat and waterproof, fix some roof leakage and add a temporary handrail.  There are a few other things that are not “perfect” with the house, but I will not be picky…I can fix some broken window in the attic, replace bathroom sink stoppers, and ground some electrical sockets…but I can’t bring my children into a home that has mold in the basement.

They responded today and asked for a 5 day extension…I have no problem giving them that.  I’ll wait…they need some time to get some estimates together…i’ll wait…

The house, to me, is perfect in every other way.  People keep asking me why I want an old house…when I walked into this house the first time..I got an I’m home feeling.  It is a home were children grew up and parents loved them.  It is a home where people gathered around the dinning room table and had dinners and a mother and father sat back and watched a life they created take shape….I love all the little quirky character the house has.  I want to turn this house into a place that people love to be.  I want a big dinner table where every one feels welcome to pull up a chair.  I want a new start for ditty and I and I just feel that this is the place where it will all happen…so I’ll wait…

I have so many ideas and projects in store for this home!  I can’t wait to share it all…but..you’ll have to wait:)