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Addiction January 18, 2012

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Hello, my name is Erin, and I am addicted to pinning…


By now I am sure that you are spending most of your day on Pinterest..right?

Well, if not before reading this, you will be now:)

My favorite pin of the day…

I am gearing up for a packed weekend of yoga, MATH, and family fun.  That’s right folks, the semester is starting this weekend and every Saturday I will be spending 3 hours in a classroom being taught Algebra…not exactly how I like to spend my Saturday mornings…but the plan is to leave class and head straight to a yoga so that the rest of the weekend will be nothing but wonderific:)

I am getting very eager to start my training.  I am excited to train hard for this 1/2 and really do my best.  I set up my fundraising page the other day and competed the firsts recommended fundraising hurdle.  I sent out a gazillion emails. 

Fundraising is going to be my most difficult challenge of all.  I get all awkward talking to people and I am horribly terrified of rejection.  So I am going to suck it up and see what happens.  I’ll be keeping you posted!!


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