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Easing into it s-l-o-w-l-y January 16, 2012

Filed under: family — enjoyingthechaos @ 3:30 pm

So, last night I took another great class at Charm City!  Since I am just coming back from a very long yoga hiatus, I have decided to take some beginner classes.  Yesterday I took a beginner vinyasa class with Christine Lilly.  I was sad when it was over but realized it was exactly what my body and mind needed.  I sent the intention to pay attention to my breath and let my body/breath guide the way.  I felt like a new person afterward and today my body continues to thank me.  I am so exticed that I went and signed up for two more classes this week.  I am ready for the beginner hot vinyasa on Thursday..now if I can just get ditty to agree to take lil b to ballet..i’m set:)

I set up my fundraising page for team in training!!  YAY!!  I hope anyone and everyone will visit my page and be introduced to the wonderful lady I am running for!!!  Her name is Erin Dean and you can read her story from my TNT page.

On a side note…we have finally nailed down a date, time and location of my baby sister’s briday shower.  The wedding is April 27th..only 2 days before the IronGirl 1/2..YIKES!!!





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