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killing trees October 4, 2011

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I am a recyceler.  I have a bin in my kitchen and am usually fishing things out of the trash to put in the bin..and if I have something to throw away and there isn’t a recyceling recepticle around…I will hold onto it until I find one.  I don’t litter and tell my children that if they do they can go to jail :/

I have been in the process of buying a home for the last 5 months.  Seems like the longest 5 months of my life.  I put a contract in on a house in April.  They countered…I countered back…they countered back…I realized they were delusional and walked away.

In the beginning of June I made another offer on a house.  This was a short sale…a lot of house for a little price…perfect, right?  Wrong!  By September I still hadn’t heard from the bank. *a short sale is not short…so if you are looking to buy a short sale property be prepared to wait…and wait..and possibly wait some more:)

Then hurricane Irene hit…

…and the flooding here in MD got serious.  All I could think about was my potential house and was it flooding?.  Once we got our power and cell phone service back I immediately called my agent and asked to get into the house….

…when we opened the front door we knew we were headed for bad news.  The basement was soaking wet..the ceiling tiles had fallen and there was standing water in the corners.  We found out that day that the roof was leaking, the foundation was cracked and that some of the walls had warped.  Needless to say…I walked away from the house 😦

I believe that when something doesn’t happen…there is a reason.  When one door closes another opens…

So, two weeks ago I placed an offer on another house.  I went in VERY low…like 20k below asking price and to my surprise..they accepted!

Last night I had to go over all of the financial junk…copies of tax returns, pay stubs, letters stating why I wasn’t employed full-time two years ago, finger prints, DNA smaples, stands of my hair…ok maybe not the last three…

so much paper work from the last two houses had to be trashed/shredded…poor trees:(

Our home inspection is scheduled for this Friday!!  I refuse to get my hopes too high…things can still go wrong…so if it is meant to be…it will be…we’ll see! Stay tuned to the findings during the inspection…*fingers crossed*

This is a box of bows…when i came into work today it was overflowing…now..it is more than half empty…this is a good thing:)  I am trying to build my inventory so that I can do a craft show shortly…but everytime I get my inventory built up just a bit…I sell some…guess I shouldn’t complain and just enjoy it.

Have you ever bought a house? Where you shocked at all of the paper work?  I hear that I have seen nothing yet…


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