Enjoying The Chaos

of life…with kids, school, and work

YIPEE!!! July 25, 2011

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..this excitement is not about my current training..which I miscalculated and started a week early..lol..

..my excitement revolves around that lady…and not the little one…

This is Brooke, my baby sister.  We are4 1/2 years apart and are like night and day.  I don’t think I would have ever describe my sister and I as being close….until possibly this last year.

Our family has been through A LOT of changes in the last few years and each obstacle has brought my sister and I closer together.

When diddy and I separated…

When she became a mom…

to the 2nd sweetest little girl on the planet…sorry I know I am a bit bias..lol

But nothing brought us closer then when my dad got sick..

this is up prior to him getting sick…

post cancer….for the first time we were faced with the mortality of our parents.  At times we bacame caretakers to not just our dad but at one time our mom too, when she was suffering from some sick bug while my dad was trying to recover from his treatments.

what I think is going to bring us even closer….

…yup…my baby sister is getting married!!!

They were on vacation last weekend and he popped the question….

..so far, all I know is that she is planning for Fall of 2012, it will be a destination wedding and that me and the two bridesmaids will be wearing black.  I am super duper excited!!!

So many things happening in my life…all contributing to my chaos..and I am totally loving every second of it:)


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