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Back in Business July 18, 2011

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OMG!!  I have been a busy bee lately..but I’m back!!

I start my training TODAY!!!  What better day to return to the blog world, huh?

I will be running the Baltimore Running Festival Half this year.  Last year I ran the 5K and had an amazing time!!  This year, I am determined to run the 1/2 with better results then my last half.  I plan to train the right way.  I am hoping that when I cross the finish line, if I am crying, it is happy tears and not painful need to drop tears…

On a side note…while I was away from ETC I said goodbye to my baby boy..

Me and my big guy

He left for Military school on the 10th of July…it was a sad day for us all.  Well, not him..he couldn’t have been more excited.  His excitement made it a little easier but I still teared up a bit…

my babies

Stayed tuned for some training updates!!  I hope you take the journey to my 2nd half marathon with me…it is going to be quite a chaotic ride..:)


2 Responses to “Back in Business”

  1. Heather Says:

    Excited for the half marathon – yay!! When is the race?
    Hope your boy is doing well so far………..and hope you are, too (I know what it’s like to be away from them!).

    • the race is october 15…so I should have plenty of time to train properly…

      he can only send letters right now..no phone calls..it is driving me CRAZY! he sounds good in his letters so far. says PT is tough but he keeps going. his first phone call home is sat..I am super excited.

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