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FitBloggin ReCap Day #2 May 27, 2011

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Are you thinking..wow she is late…I am.  I have been super busy this week with work and the kids and by the time I get home from work, make dinner, give baths, read stories, clean up dinner and sit down with the computer…all I want to do is close my eyes.

So, here is my day 2 recap….

Of course I was running late on Saturday morning.  I ran out of the house with a cup of coffee and a banana in my hand…I didn’t want to be late for Monica’s session on Blogging 101: Breaking into health and fitness blogging…but guess what…I was…Sorry:/

Monica from RER

I look like a star struck teenager..lol..Monica is just as funny and adorable in person as she is on her blog…I am so glad I got to meet her.

It was now time for me to Liveblog my first session here at FigBloggin’11.  I was super excited and nervous all at the same time…I honestly had no idea what I was suppose to do…

…the session was Social Media 101: It’s a Jungle Out There with Ben Teal.  You can follow him on twitter..he promises to follow you back;)  It’s because of Ben that I got on Twitter…and because I felt like an outsider for not tweeting…lol

Finally a snack:)  I was able to grab some apples, provided by Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living and Crunch Pak, and a Awake Tea before heading into the next session.

I was so excited to liveblog the Panel of amazing women talking about Ditching The Diet: Eat Intuitively.  I had no idea that I had hung out with one of the ladies on the panel the day before, Katie, and listening to all four of their stories really got me thinking.  (I really could have used an hour glass timer today when I went into the kitchen and finished off the pot of Velveeta shells and cheese I had made for the kids:/)

All that talk about eating intuitively was making me hungry…good thing it was lunch time…

…I could have went back for seconds and possibly thirds…this was so delicious!  I met some great new people at lunch and introduced myself to some bloggers who I read on a regular basis….Sana, Kate and Tina.

I was so sad to see lunch go..but I had to remind myself that I wasn’t hungry….I just wanted to eat because I felt out of place…trying to practice the IE…

I made my way to Design 101 with Jennette Fulcia from Make My Blog Pretty.  Not sure if you noticed or not..but I have changed the font here at ETC…I am working on some more design changes…and would love to some day get a header…maybe for ETC’s 2nd birthday…hmmm

My last panel to sit in on was Blogger Responsibility..all of these ladies are blogging heros *in my book anyway* and it made me think differently as a new blogger.  This is not just for me.  I don’t have a large following *yet*, but i do have to be aware of what I post as I never know where people are in their journey.

This is where the sad part comes in..it was time to say goodbye:(  We were invited into the next room to grab some extra swag and encouraged to share it with you….

I was pretty bummed when I found out they no longer had my size in the New Balance shoes they were giving away…and afterward I heard NB capris were part of the swag as well…:( 

I am however extremely grateful for the opportunity to blog live for FitBloggin.  I almost felt guilty for bringing all of this stuff home…the information from the sessions was payment enough for the 2 sessions of liveblogging that I did…the swag was an extra added bonus.

I plan to share some of this amazing stuff with you…because I am cool like that…stop back tomorrow for my first ever giveaway!!!  YAY!!

Thanks for stopping by..have a great night…and be safe on this holiday weekend!!!












One Response to “FitBloggin ReCap Day #2”

  1. Heather Says:

    Oh no! You didn’t get the shoes or the capris??? Bummer!

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