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FitBloggin Re-Cap Friday May 24, 2011

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So, just when you thought you were done reading everyone’s FitBloggin’ ReCaps..here goes…

Many of you know that I got an amazing opportunity to be a liveblogger at FitBloggin’11.

When I first heard about FitBloggin, I just knew that I wanted to go.  I started EnjoyingTheChaos in October of 2009, with the hopes that I would start to journal more.  I have always been into journaling, but will my chaotic life, I haven’t found the time to sit and journal.

When i came across something that talked about FitBloggin’10, I instantly wrote the date for the 2011 conference and started put money aside to attend.  I even sent an email to the organizers of the conference.  Since it was being held in Baltimore, I thought I would offer some volunteering to sit in on a few sessions.  I was sad to hear that if I wanted to attend the conference then I shouldn’t volunteer because I would miss out on so much amazing info….I am so glad she turned me down.

A few weeks later there was a call for livebloggers!  I was all over that.  I instantly sent an email and filled out an app and waited…and waited..and waited.  Roni didn’t make me wait to long…I found out I got the job.

So, what did this mean?  I was going to have full access to the conference and in return, I would have to sit in on some amazing sessions, participate in some sweat inducing fitness classes, meet amazing people, eat delicious healthy food, and gain some knowledge as to how to make my blog better!

It all started, for me, on Friday morning…


…after dropping the kids off, I headed to the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.  I had been in touch with Heather and let her know that I was on my way….

I walked up to register and was super nervous.  What does one do at a blogging conference?  By the looks of things, I had already chosen the wrong outfit:/

I found the kettle bell room and waited for Heather to come out.  I felt like at least I would know someone…kinda…I had never met her.  I am very weird approaching people and my biggest fear was, what if she has no idea who I am?  What if she thinks I am a big dork??  What if I fall on my face or have a big piece of spinach in my teeth?

To my surprise, she knew who I was and introduced me to Beth, who I found out lives in DC….she is an editor so I hope all of my grammatical and punctuational errors are not driving her too crazy:/

I was able to change my clothes in their room and leave my 1700 ( okay maybe 3) bags behind while we went for some fitness classes…

We started off with Fitness Challenges with Cath Friedrich, sponsored by Eggland’s Best.  This class got me sweating, and I did plates and a resistance band for the first time.  I felt like a mermaid with the band…but it was awesome!  I am on the look-out for one of those bands;)

From the Fitness Challenge, we jumped right into the Fitness Trampoline class with Abbie Appel, sponsored by JumpSport Fitness.  This class was amazing!  I had to step off of my trampoline a few times because my legs were screaming!

What both of these classes reminded me is that I need more fitness classes in my life and I need to get myself back to the gym.

Finally it was on to lunch…oh the food

…this totally does not do lunch justice.  Those veggies were perfect!  I also drank about a gallon of water:)

After one last session of the day, I decided to go home and take a shower…this is the upside of being 15 min from the conference.  The plan was to join the girls for dinner.

…dinner plans changed as I made a date with theses guys…sans catepilliars:/

I decided dinner and stories couldn’t be put off…and I had a whole day of fun actives planned that didn’t include these cuties…

I hit the pillow hard super excited that I would meet Monica in the morning….

**If anyone is interested in the fitness trampolines offered on FitSports site, I have a coupon given out at the conference…send me a message and I’ll mail it out to ya

Thanks for stopping by….be safe:)


5 Responses to “FitBloggin Re-Cap Friday”

  1. DiningAndDishing Says:

    so glad you came!! it was great meeting you :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  2. Heather Says:

    So great to meet you finally! Though I was going through my pictures last night and realized I don’t have a picture of you and me. How is that possible?? Sigh…..

    • I know..I didn’t get any pictures with anyone except Monica. I think I was a little uncomfortable in the beginning and then we didn’t really hang out on Sunday. I don’t even think I said good-bye:( I was flaky all weekend…it was weird:/

  3. Brittany Says:

    It was great to meet you at Fitbloggin!

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