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Maryland Half Marathon May 19, 2011

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“For My Dad, Cancer Sucks”

This is what my shirt said on Sunday when I ran the Maryland Half Marathon.

Karen and I met when we were both 5 years old and have remained friends through the next 30 years.  A year ago we started running together..doing local 5ks.  When my father was diagnosed with and treated for base of the tongue cancer at University of Maryland Cancer Center, I knew that I wanted to run the Maryland Half Marathon.  I found out that 100% of the money raised would go straight to the cancer center.

I knew that Karen’s father had also just finished treatment for colon cancer and I called her immediately.  We both agreed that we would run this half marathon for our dads…her 2nd, my 1st.

Due to the crazy rainy weather we have been having here in MD, I missed a lot of my training runs:(

On Mother’s Day I woke up and ran 7.60 miles

I was SUPER sore for the rest of the day.

I made sure to get in some easy walks the week prior to the race to keep me legs moving…

I also kept myself hydrated and loaded with carbs the week before…

They day before the race we had an early dinner at Bertucci’s…

hello baked Tortellini & Chicken Gratinati…oh how I missed you.

I also stopped by Charm City Run to pick up some Chomps and Body Glide.

One last thing I had to do prior to full on night-before-1/2-marathon  relaxation…

I got to see my baby go to prom…how handsome is he???  I still can’t believe that I am almost the mother of a 17 year old boy…where did the time go:(

…so off to bed I went.

I woke up in the morning with the most nervous stomach ever…I decided against my morning coffee and replaced it with a bottle of water and a protein bar…half of one anyway.

I picked up Karen, who lives 5 minutes from me..then off to Maple Lawn we went!!!

8:00am..The race started and we were off…Karen is WAY faster then I am.so she went out way in front of me.  I ran strong the first 2.5 miles…and then the hills started.  I swear, most of the course was one big hill.

At the half way point I asked a spectator what time it was..10:04am..with this pace I was looking to finish in 4 hours.  I wasn’t worried about my time…but I had people waiting for me at the finish line.

I tried everything I could to get moving.  I pushed myself like I never have before.  I started feeling a horrible pain in my hips at mile 10…and I was still going up hills.  At one point I passed a Chick-fil-a and my first thought was..I am stopping and asking to use their phone…I can’t finish this race.  Good thing it was Sunday and they were closed…so I kept on going.

I decided to pick up the pace but I could hardly pick up my foot to take the next step…At mile 12 I started to sing even louder…yes, i am a singer through a whole race.but I was singing so loud that volunteers were laughing at me and dancing to my song…

When I hit my last hill..I walked up it but as soon as I hit the top I started a low run again.  The faster I could make it to the finish line…the sooner I could sit.

I saw the finish line approaching but because I wasn’t wearing my glasses I couldn’t see much else…except I did see something….I saw 4 sets of arms in the air screaming for me….I started to run faster….

Did I mention that the majority of the race I was crying??  At first it was just a cathartic experience…3/4 of the way through I was crying due to pain….

I finally crossed the finish line…

I can’t figure out how to upload a video here..so please go here and check out my race video.

I had some trouble moving on Monday and Tuesday…but I am good now…

Come back tomorrow for an update on FitBloggin’11!!!


2 Responses to “Maryland Half Marathon”

  1. merrymishaps Says:

    Hey, I ran the MD Half too! (Uh, slacker, haven’t written my race report yet)
    What a tough course. Ouch!

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