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Counting down May 13, 2011

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…to race day!!

That is right..at 8am on Sunday morning I will be running my first half marathon!

I ran 8 miles on Sunday and at mile 7 my hips decided they weren’t going any further.  For Mother’s day I wanted to head to the Farmer’s Market..but about 45 min there I had to get to the car ASAP!!  My legs just couldn’t go any further.  I layed in bed for about an hour just relaxing before heading my mom’s.

I’ll have to stop by later and post some Momma’s Day pics!!

I was lucky enough to spend the day will everyone I totally love.  Ditty, NP, KP and lil b went to the FM with me…while CAS slept at home…there was no way I could get the 16 year old out of the house @ 9am.

At the FM, NP presented me with a beautiful pair of earrings…he picked out a pair for me and his momma..I put them immediately!

I was given beautifully colored pics from my babies and a gift cert for a massage:)  Perfect gift the weekend before my half…if you ask me:)

I spent the rest of my days with my beautiful mother and sister.  They are two of my best friends, and my Sunday wouldn’t be complete without them.

They are calling for a 70% chance of scattered thrunderstorms on Sunday…UGH!!  Not looking forward to running my first 13.1 run in the pouring rain…especially with the chance of being struck by lightening:/ Yikes!!!


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