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of life…with kids, school, and work

busy busy busy May 6, 2011

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I feel like someone has run over me with a truck…on a regular these days

..work has been crazy..school is winding down but all that means is that I am studying non-stop and writing papers…the kids have so many activities going on…and the last thing I want to do when I get home is break out the laptop and put all my chaos out in the world…

…wait…isn’t that why I started a blog….

I think so…

I have a lot going on..like I said….

one day at a time…

I said last weekend I had some plans…

We headed to the farmer’s market…

…where we drank many Raven smoothies…(Blueberry & Pineapple)

Then off to Ferndale Day.  We live close to an area called Ferndale and the local recreational sports teams have a parade and then a fair…

everyone grabbed something to eat…and then we headed to the booth for some face painting..

and ran into some pretty people on the way…

lil b went with the purple fairy face painting..

when I left the booth to use the johnnie-on-the-spot (I am in half marathon training…i am drinking water constantly)…my boys had clean faces..and we all agreed to a small design…so how is it that I leave ditty in charge and this

…is what I come back to.  I had two of them like this…nice huh??  I totally had to apologize to RAC (nathan’s mom) for this one..YIKES!!

They had a great time…but it was back home to take NP back to his momma.  I have another fun-filled weekend planned..starting tomorrow…stay tuned for more fun and running…my half is only a little over a week away…double YIKES!!!


One Response to “busy busy busy”

  1. Sana Says:

    Hey I tried to reply to your comment but the e-mail would not send! These are the races I run! http://www.striders.net/weekly-series/ they are super cheap and low key

    e-mail me supersana786[at]gmail[dot][com] if you want to comeee!

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