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Did ya miss me?? April 17, 2011

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I have been so busy lately…Kp started lacross, ditty’s son started lacrosse, ballet, school, work…you name it…it’s chaotic!!

I am currently in the middle of training for my first half marathon coming up on May 15th..I couldn’t be more excited.  My training is not going as planned though…I am a bit worried:/ 

The weather here has been crazy lately…one day the weather is amazing and in the 70s…the next day it is raining and in the 40s..it is nutso if you ask me..and makes me long for summer…

I did head out today and was able get 6 miles in.  This is an amazing accomplishment for me..it’s my longest distance yet.  I am still not sure how I am going to pull 13.1 miles out of my legs in just a few weeks but I am going to keep pushing forward…

Want to hear something amazing…or I guess read something amazing??? 

My father finished his cancer treatment back in November at the University of Maryland Cancer Center, here in Baltimore.  The staff was amazing..so when I found out that the Maryland Half gave 100% of its proceeds to the UMCC…I just knew that this had to be my first half. 

ok here is the amazing part…Last week, my dad went to his follow-up appointment and was asked to hand out medals at the MD half.  They like to have surviors hand them out….so the amazing part is…my dad will be giving me my medal on that day!  Just writing about it makes me cry…I am a bit emotional these days…I am so excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

If you want to check out my MD Half page..stop by and check out some picks of my dad…

I hope you all come back and follow me in my training…

Now..I have to go and sit in an ice bath…OH BOY am I sore!!!


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