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KP update March 28, 2011

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A few days back, I introduced you to my amazing little man..kp.

Last week we were having some tests done to get to the bottom of his diagnosis.  The new psychology practice was going to run through a series of 26 mini tests to see where he was in his development, if his meds are right, and what his IQ is. 

When he came home we asked him what they talked about, if they played games and what type of games he played…he told me he was not allowed to discuss it…like straight faced.  We let it go…

Along with this testing, ditty and I have to submit a series of 214 questions each, so that they could better determine what is going on with out little boy…

I told kp that we were going in on Thursday to get the results of our tests…he straight faced told me that they were going to tell us that he was smarter then we are..then he said, with a huge smile on his face, will they make shape out of blocks and then mess it up and them see if you can make the shape…I said, no..is that what they did with you???  He looked at me, again straight faced, and said, “No, I don’t know what you are talking about”.  It was pretty funny!!

Anyway, we went for the results.  We were told that our 6 year old has an IQ 156.  I am still in shock..total shock.  I have no idea what this means..but I am both excited and scared all at the same time.  I am afraid to talk about it to anyone because I don’t want people to think that I am bragging about how smart my kid is..even though I want to. 

My oldest has a lot of learning disabilities.  His comprehenssion, spacial, reading abilities are low performing along with slight dislexia.  He has struggled in school his whole life and at 16 has pretty much given up on anything school related.  I did many things to try to help him through school, including Sylvan (who wanted $1200 for 6 months of tutoring), and many other school programs…but nothing brought up his self-esteem in school.  He is an amazing baseball player, but due to his grades can not play, and now he is in a pattern of just getting into trouble at school.  He lives with his dad because the behavior got out of hand in the last few years…it was the saddest decision I ever had to make…

Why I bring this up, is because knowing that kp will not have to deal with this stuggle makes my heart just glow…I don’t have to worry about him getting the work, or being able to perform in school…

My worry now is what do I do with a boy this bright??

He goes today for somemore cognitive testing and we will go back on Thursday for the results and a program for him.  I am looking for some behavior modifications for discipline and what to do with him educationally.

Right now we are not telling kp about his test scores…he is excited to go and play some more games today and looking forward for his lacrosse clinic to start next week. 

This weekend was a differnt place at home…I felt like I needed to treat him different…I have to keep reminding myself that he is a 6 year old boy…no matter what the numbers say.

I’ll be back later with a new series I am thinking about adding on Monday’s…My Music Monday!!


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  1. Nicole Says:

    Erin – Can you send me the contact info for this place?

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