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ABC’S about me March 11, 2011

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I have been a horrible blogger person lately.  With numerous rounds of sickness and multiple papers due for school, I feel like I have no time for anything…mostly my babies: (

I have seen the ABC’S going around the blogsphere and thought it would be nice to let you know a little about me. …other then how crazy busy I am…

A: Age. 35

B: Bed size. Queen

C: Chores you dislike. Dishes…I have not had a dishwasher in 6 years…UGH

D: Dogs. No. .two kids are enough animals around this house: )

E: Essential start to your day…

F: Favorite color. ..orange and I have this weird thing for pink right now. ..but only for running attire :/

G: Gold or silver…I love silver and my wedding band is silver. ..but the closer it gets to summer I am thinking of adding some gold accessories.

H: Height…5’9″ buying pants are no fun

I: Instruments you played. ..I played clarinet for 10 years. My father was very upset when I stopped.  He used to tell me that I was given a gift of reading music. ..I am sad these days that I ever stopped.

J: Job title…mother and customer service Rep. ..I don’t like my job but it is just to get me through school.

K: Kids…4 but I only carried 3 of them. ..Conner is 16, Nathan is 11 (this is ditty’s boy), KP is 6 and lil b is 4 going on 14.










L: Live…livin it up in bmore…I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD…but I am so close to DC and Annapolis.

M: Mom’s name…Joan..Joannie..Boney Joany. ..Mom. ..depends on who ya ask

N: Nicknames. ..Mom, Momma, Punk (short for pumpkin), Nouna, Air and E

O: Overnight hospital stays…tonsils when i was 4, two times in high school for kidney infections..I even went to a senior prom with an IV in my arm…then the birth of my 3 kids. With lil b I was put on bedrest in the hospital at 32 weeks and they kept me until she was born at 36 weeks. ..it was the longest month of my life!

P: Pet peeves…I hate when people interrupted me..of course I talk a lot so sometimes people have to just to get a word in.

Q: Quotes from a movie. …I can’t think of any at this moment that stick out.

R: Righty or lefty…lefty and there used to be a lefty store at the harbor that I loved…but they closed down: (

S: Siblings. ..just me and B

T: Time you wake up… I try to get up at 630 every morning but I am not a morning person.  On the weekends I am up around 730.

U: Underware. ..yes please

V: Vegetables you don‘t like…Lima beans and sweet potatoes. ..I have been really trying to like sweet potatoes but it’s the texture that gets me.

W: What makes you late? My kids. ..I am late for everything. ..I mean no disrespect I just can’t get anywhere on time.

X: X-rays you’ve had…I think just one of my knee and one of my neck

Y: Yummy food you make. ..I am a killer cook on the grill.  I can’t wait to post some of my summer dishes when the weather gets nice.

Z: Zoo animal favorites. ..totally the giraffes.

Hope you aren’t completely bored….What are some interesting facts about you?


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