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Spring is in the Air February 17, 2011

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Oh yes it is…Today it was 69° and tomorrow it will be 70°…this is not normal for Maryland this time of year, so  I am going to enjoy it while I can…

Thusday is my day off..well sort of…I have class in the morning and then I have off until my next class at 4:30…So b and I headed out for a girl’s afternoon.  I totally broke out the flip flop..and in order to do that I had to get a pedicure!!  I don’t allow b to get a pedi just yet…I see so many little kids getting their nails painted these days and I just don’t agree.  I will do her nails at home without thinking twice about it…but I refuse to pay for her.  She is happy to pick my color..which I usually have to talk her out of…and sit on my lap. 

After that we decided to just grab lunch at IKEA since I had to go and pick up some things anyway.

 She loves to sit at the kid table by herself..it makes her feel grown up…while we were there she had to get a princess cake.

I know you are asking..what is a princess cake..well it is a cute little dessert that cost $1.29 at IKEA.  It is a sponge cake with a layer of raspberry jam and then some whipped cream..topped off with green fondant…the pictures do not show you the actual color green that it is…think tennis ball green.  As soon as I told b that it was princess cake..she had to have it.  Princess Tigerlily needs her cake…her words not mine:)

I just love IKEA…I could go there everyday…all day.  I would be totally broke but my house would be cute.  I have some little home decorating going on around here…i’ll post pics soon.  I love to get stuff at IKEA because I get so bored with things so quick.  Since it is so inexpensive I can change stuff out and not feel guilty.  When the kids and I moved in here almost 3 year ago, I got my sofa from there.  It was inexpensive and I debated whether I should get something bigger, nicer, comfier…but I stuck with the one from IKEA…boy am I glad I did too…Everything you could imagine has been spilled on it, markers have bled on it, it has been peed on and thrown up on…I just pull off the slip covers and throw them into the wash..and it is all cleaned up.  I plan to get a nicer, bigger sofa when the kids are a bit older..but right now..I’ll take my big comfy couch from IKEA.

Have a great night everyone.  If you are experiencing unseasonal weather right now, I hope you get the chance to spend some time outside tomorrow..we are back to rain and chilly weather this weekend…BLAH!


2 Responses to “Spring is in the Air”

  1. Heather Says:

    It’s warm in Cleveland, but not 70! And we need an Ikea closer – I’ve never been to one before!

  2. erin Says:

    No IKEA…poor girl!! ours isn’t close about 45 min away..so I only go every couple of months..but when i go I stock up…

    I am loving this weather..but hear we are headed back into chill weather again tomorrow…I am SO ready for summer!

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