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Celebration Time February 11, 2011

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Today we got some amazing new!!  My father is cancer free!  He was diagnosed in September 2010 and started treatement almost immediately.  He had 8 weeks of radiation treatment and 4 chemo treatments.  Today he is not back to himself..and is still feeling a bit blah..but I think this news is a huge psychological relief and may just be what he needs to start healing.

A couple weeks back, he was feeling horrible and was going to the cancer center every other day for fluids…because he was constantly dehydrated.  On one of these days he had the priveledge of sitting next to an amazingly strong young women named Erin.  Erin is 24 years old and in her third year of treatment at the cancer center.  She was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 21.  She talked to my mother, father and sister about so many things.  What stood out most to them was that Erin wants to be a photographer, but due to her treatments her hands are so unsteady.  Erin is currently raising money to get to California for a Team in Training 1/2 marathon in support those who are suffering from lymphoma & Leukemia…


This is Erin’s fundraising page…if you are interested in donating to a wonderful cause please donate to help her help others.  She is a true hero and an inspiration to us all.  Just one of God’s angels put here to make me grateful for everyday that I get to wake up healthy and kiss my healthy babies.


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