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Live Blogger February 9, 2011

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…I am so flippen excited!!!

So, I have been hoping I get to go to FitBloggin 11 and have secretly been saving money so that I could possibly attend in May.  Since I am pretty new…ok..extremely new to blogging and not a creative writer…I thought..FitBloggin is exactly where I want to be.

Then I saw that Monica & Katy are going to be speaking and I knew that I would  sell my children do just about anything to get there.

So, I began to think.  FitBloggin 11 is being held in Baltimore, MD…*it is totally an amazing city (I may be a bit biased since I was born and raised here)..except for the crappy winters..but they could be worse..so I won’t complain…to much anyway…*and since I live here maybe I could offer to volunteer my time  *in hopes to meet these girls that I stalk on a daily basis*.  I emailed Roni, and asked, what could I lose right?  I got a response back and she told me that she appreciated my offer, but if I volunteered I would miss out on all the great session they have to offer.  She was right, but it was a bummer.

A few weeks later, I was on the FitBloggin site dreaming of one day attending such an awesome event checking out the updates that are posted about what to expect, sponsor updates and some cool give-away.  I noticed a post calling for live bloggers….what is a live blogger?  I asked the same question.  So, I looked into it and found that they were looking for people to come to FitBloggin and sit in on sessions and blog..live.  I could totally do this.  I am a pretty decent typer, live in the Baltimore area, and so want to attend…I am totally the person for the job.  I applied.  Now, like every other give-away that I enter…I never get picked…Well not this time baby!  I am a live blogger for Fit Bloggin 2011. 

This is totally the best thing that has happened in my blogging life…all 4 months of it!!  The email that I received said that they had so many applicants that they are only having us blog for one session..and then we can attend all the other sessions we would like for that day.  Now, not only to I get to sit in on some awesome session…I will be meeting Monica and Katy!!!  AYAY!!

So, if you are going to FitBloggin 2011..look for me…and if you are not and you want to..head over to FitBloggin and register!!  I’ll be the live blogger who can’t stop smiling!!!


3 Responses to “Live Blogger”

  1. Heather Says:

    I’ll be there!!!!!!!!!

    • You will!! I am not sure how this could get any better!!! I am so excited! Will you be staying Saturday evening? I saw a post yessterday talking about having a get to gether on Sat night!

  2. Nicole Says:

    That is awesome!!!

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