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who needs Panera February 1, 2011

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This morning I woke up to icy conditions.  KP’s school was two hours late today..but not mine.

Classes started today.  I am really excited for the classes I have this semester…except for the Social Policy class:/  I did well in Soical Policy I but the professor for SPII is the head of the Social Work department..which always makes me a bit nervous.  We’ll see how it goes.  My other classes are Marriage & Family and Women and Inequality.  Should be fun!  I met my instructor for M&F this morning and she was straight and to the point.  I think I am going to like her.

When I got home from class…I found a sick little girl on the sofa.  Yes, lil b is sick:(

What better to do when you have a few hours to kill and a sick little princess???

You guessed it..make some soup!

I have been meaning to make some broccoli cheddar soup for the last few weeks but haven’t got the time…so what better time then now…

Saute 1/4 onion with tbs of butter ( I used bestlife)

I added some of these partners to the mix…

Then I added two cans of cream of mushroom soup

 and two cups of cheddar cheese ( I used full fat cheese)

 then wisk in three cups of fat-free milk while steaming your veggies….

add veggies and let simmer…then…


After this soup..lol b is dancing around the living room.  I think it did the trick…now to try it out on ditty:)

I have two more classes tonight…I’ll be in class from 4:30-9:40pm this evening…luckily there is a Starbucks on campus:)

**I need to add that I found this recipe online somewhere but can’t remember where.  If  it look like something you have seen around please let me know so I can give whoever credit for this amazing recipe..thanks!!


2 Responses to “who needs Panera”

  1. This soup looks super easy to make. That’s my number one criteria for recipes! I’m bookmarking this to make in the new place. Thanks for sharing!

  2. it was super easy! The original recipe did not call for extra mushrooms but I love them so I did..and it also called for carrots but I didn’t have any..lol

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