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taking a spin January 28, 2011

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I feel like I have been gone for forever. I have been dealing with some stuff with my dad..but it looks like things are starting to look up on that front!!! We are all very excited:)

On a not so great note…last Friday I came out of my parents house, after visiting my dad, and slipped on a patch of ice. You guessed it..I fell…and I fell hard…right on my knees and elbows. The crazy thing is that right before I fell I was being very careful coming down the steps and thinking..I hope that my sister didn’t come out of the house and fall..she can’t run after a 10 month old hurt…and BAM!! that is when it happened. I couldn’t get up at first..I just sat there on all fours and laughed…I even looked around to see if anyone saw me so we could laugh together..lol. No one was there..so I went back into the house to tell my sister to be careful..they helped me laugh at myself…they are so supportive..lol.

I was fine. A little scrape on my knee and my elbow…the next morning my knee was black but still it felt fine. On Saturday we spent the whole day at the hospital, so I didn’t make it to the gym…on Sunday I was tired from Saturdays hospital stay and didn’t make it either…Monday we were back in the hospital..so no gym again..on Tuesday I knew that if I didn’t make it to the gym I was going to implode. I find that it is my drug-free antidepressant and I needed to get there ASAP…

I started off in the cardio cinema and caught 10 min of Killers…I love me some Ashton. I felt good.

I moved onto the treadmill, I got into a zone. I was about to hit 2 miles and I was feeling strong…Britney was telling me I was stronger then yesterday and I was feeling it…and then something happened…a weird pulling feeling in my knee, hamsrting, and calf…I stopped for a second and then tried again…my leg was just not having it…so I walked over to the stretching area and thought I would just try and stretch it out.

It has been bothering me since. I keep icing it..but my dr can not see me until next week. He is out of the office all week..I am sure he is laying on some warm beach right now trying to escape the cold snowy weather we have been having.

Anyway, I am going to take it easy on the running. I was thinking about hitting a spinning class on Saturday morning and def a yoga class on Sunday…and see what the doc says next week. I am hoping some rest will help.

Getting back to the weather here in Maryland…holy cow..we had Thundersnow the other night. I don’t think I have ever heard of Thundersnow…and the lightening was beautiful in the snow. It is cold, snowy and the driving conditions were horrible the last few days..but I love that I get to experience the cold snow..it make me truly appreciate the hot hummid summers here. I love all four seasons!! not equally of course but I love them:)

I have totally be neglecting the blog world…I usually read all of my favs at work but have found that a few of them are blocked these days :(…I havn’t been posting comments like usual, but I am back:) I am starting my 30 day challenge tonight..and classes start on Tuedays..life is about to get a little more chaotic..I LOVE IT!!

Have a great day everyone!!


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