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TMI January 12, 2011

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Yoga has done wonders for my tight hamstrings.  I took another class tonight and felt much better.  Not sure if taking a break from the gym last night had anything to do with it or not, but today I felt good.

So, I have a little bit of TMI and maybe someone can help me out a bit.  I took this yoga class today and what I have found is that I really smell.  I sweat like a man when I work out.  After 25 mintues on the treadmill, I look like I took a dip in the pool..with really bad hair.  I need to come straight home to take a shower because I am nasty…Luckily…I usually never have anything planned after the gym…unless I have to go to the grocery store and then I find that the aisle and check out lines go much quicker when I start to approach.

BFL eating is going well.  I did take off yesterday with my eating and eercise.  I ate well duing the day but we went out of dinner to get pizza.  It was nice to not have to make dinner or clean up.  Today it was back on the horse…it felt good to take the class today.

Ditty and I are watching Weeds tonight.  Have a great night!!!


3 Responses to “TMI”

  1. janetha Says:

    i NEED to try yoga. glad you enjoyed your day off!

  2. Heather Says:

    OMG, I sweat like a man, too!! I totally understand. There’s not much I can do except make sure I have 2 towels to wipe myself down……so that people don’t judge TOO much. 🙂

  3. @ janetha..you totally do…you’ll be touching those toes in no time..lol

    @ heather…I need to start carrying around my own bottle of disenfectant at the gym. I use so much of theirs everytime that they may up my monthly dues because of it….lol

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