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workout fueled by Ms. Spears January 8, 2011

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Thank you Ms. Spears for fueling my workout today.  I have been wondering why I have a mental block when it comes to running.  I mean seriously..I can’t even run for a full mile without thinging that I am going to die and I have to stop.  Well today I was just at the point where I was giving up and I heard “It’s Brittany bi*ch” and it was on…I ran 1.5 miles.  This is a big deal to me…like really big because I have am determined to run a full 5k the next time I sign up…well..not when I sign up but for the actual 5k.  Monica @ Run, Eat, Repeat thinks I need to just get into my run…I think I did that today…I was on a run roll…then the song ended and I couldn’t get back to it:( 

I hate spending money on iTunes and I am not savy enough to find out how to get a deal on songs to put on my iPod.  The playlist I have is from a C25K podcast I used to listen to…it is all Brittany…what is weird..I am not the biggest fan of hers.  I totally love her dancing ability but she isn’t one of my favs…until recently.  She has helped me through a few runs…Rhianna is also a big helper.  When phone was working I used to put on Pandora and run rock out to a Rhianna channel…if anyone has any tips on the music I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Body for Life is coming along well.  I think my body is getting used to eating every 2 1/2 hours…and adjusting to it well.  I started less then a week ago but, I know this is crazy, I feel stronger…I feel good. 

I do have a confession…I am super afraid that I am going to gain weight.  The last few times I tried to lose weight…I ended up gaining instead of losing.  In the last year I have gained a total of 40 lbs and I feel like it was all in an atempt to lose the weight.  I guess we’ll see..and yes I am very afraid that I will gain muscle and just look bigger.

After ballet today, we headed to the gym.  I spend about 5 minutes warming up and then I was on the treadmill for about 25 min…then 5 minutes for stretching..have i mention how much I love the ballet bar???

BFL food:

Breakfast: french toast, coffee and water

Snack: Luna bar (chocolate peppermint stick..my FAV), water

Lunch: chicken breast on WW toritlla with brown spicy mustard..about 5 potato chips…luckily, lil b heard me crinkle the bag…she stole them away…I washed it all down with some water

Snack: apple and cheese stick and maybe some water

Dinner:  just finished a bowl of chili..I got the recipe from the BFL website..I topped it with some reduced fat cheddar and a dollop of chobani plain yogurt…it was a bit spicey so I drank lots of water…

Things are going well….I am planning a 10:00am yoga class at the gym tomorrow and some lower body work!!  Can’t wait to get my yoga on!!!


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