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the start of BFL… January 5, 2011

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Well:/ I had my 6 year old take my pictures and I am truly hoping that I did not scar him for life…holy cow…literally…How do I look in the mirror every morning and not ….you know what..I refuse to use negative self talk. 

I have started Body for Life thanks to everything I have read from Janetha over at Meals and Moves and Monica over at Run Eat Repeat ( I hope that it is okay to mention them,..I talk like I we are old pals…truthfully..I have never met these ladies but am secretly dying to meet them..I mean I am a blogging newbie and they are awsome..go and check them out..no seriously go ahead…just make sure you come back:)…I’ll wait….)

Today was my first real day.  I have been so worried about starting something…I never stick with ANYTHING!!  I had 14 college majors and just recently graduated with an AA.  So..I was going to post some pictures…like Monica did for her start…but when I looked at them..there is no way I am posting those pictures on the internet until I have seen some results and can post slimmer me photos.

So this is what you can pretty much expect for the next 12 weeks…

Breakfast:  2 eggs, 2 turkey sausages, 1 whole wheat tortilla, coffee and water

Snack: Protein shake and water

Lunch: turkey wrap with romaine lettuce and spicy brown mustard…and let me just say that someone at my office stole my spicy brown mustard..and after I announced to the whole office that I knew someone did and that I was not happy…it reappeared…don’t you just love how that works out..oh and I had more water

Snack: apple and almonds and water

Dinner: grilled steak, small baked potato, and steamed veggies (broc and cauliflower) and guess what..more water

Snack:  this was the hardest because I wasn’t hungry and I want to go to bed..but I ate pudding with whey powder in it…and I drank my last bit of water for the day…

No exercise for me tonight.  I didn’t get home until 6:30…after making dinner, playing withthe kids for a bit, reading and getting them ready for bed…it is now 10:30…I plan to hit the gym right after work for some cardio…I am scheduled for a 2 mile run tomorrow.

I am very excited about a new opportunity that has come up…I don’t want to speak to soon but I hope to share some great new very soon!

Good night all..sorry no pics today..they were to scary to post!!


6 Responses to “the start of BFL…”

  1. janetha Says:

    yes, we need to meet, agreed 🙂 taking photos is so important, i love looking back on my before photos. no need to post them, as long as you have them for yourself! i hate office food thieves! blah, i know your pain. FYI–if you aren’t super hungry for your last meal, skipping it is NOT a big deal. i usually will skip it if i am still full from dinner. BUT, if i am even a little bit hungry, i will eat it. because sleeping on an empty stomach isn’t ideal for keeping muscle. nice job on all the water!

  2. You can do it! And they are two great ladies. BFL is a great program too.

  3. Runeatrepeat Says:

    I’m fine with us being old pals 🙂

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