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My Christmas Spirit will not be broken… December 21, 2010

Filed under: family — enjoyingthechaos @ 10:44 pm

So, P ditty had an emergency appendectomy last night, k threw up the 2 dozen cookies he ate all under my christmas tree..and lil b has broken almost all of my tree ornaments…but I keep singing Christmas songs….it has been a rough few days…but I am so looking forward to Christmas morning…I am hoping to get out one more time to get gifts evened out…I probably will not post until after Christmas becuase I have to work the next few days…I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas…and I hope to see you all after!!


2 Responses to “My Christmas Spirit will not be broken…”

  1. Lew Says:

    I saw that you were thinking about doing Body for Life.. have you decided to do it in January? I am thinking about doing something and wanted to see what others are thinking

    • the more I think about body for life the more it makes sense. I am afraid that I will not get in as much food per day as I am suppose to. I also am crunched for time with the exercise requirements…I still have this week to think about it.

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