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Christmas in Hampden December 19, 2010

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I have to first talk about an amazing steak that I made the other day…I am a total Ribeye girl…rare with just salt and pepper!!  But the other day I got a little adventerous…I mixe some dijon mustard, worchester sauce and a little soy sauce and then marinated a filet for about an hour.  Then I broiled that baby!!!

If you are a meat eater..I totally recommend it.  I am a very plain eater and I never take risks..but I was so glad that I did this time…

Ok, onto the Christmas fun!!!

We headed to 34th st in Hampden to check out the lights!  Since we went pretty late..lil b fell asleep.  She has been sick all day…but I need to keep my Christmas schedule darn it….

All the houses on a section of 34th steet decorate their houses for Christmas and people from all over come to look at them.  Since lilb wasn’t feeling well, we didn’t get out of the car….The pics are not great because they were taken from the window of a moving car…


Kp said, “wow, those are big CDs”…P ditty and I just laughed forever

Off to make some yummy crab mac and cheese and lunch with my ladies!!  So excited!!!


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