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Neglectful:( December 17, 2010

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I have totally been neglecting this outlet.  I started this to make myself more accountable in my quest to be healthy…what I have found is that I am one super busy momma.

Everyday I read numerous blogs…healthy living, food, fashion.  I admire those who exercise every day, live in great places like New York, California, and Florida and sometime, while sitting at my desk, I think..wow they have it all.  I don’t stop to look at my own life and see how amazing I have it.  So, I am taking a new approach…kinda…I still want to keep myself accountable, but  have to realize that there is no way I will get in a run, yoga class, strength training session 3-7 times per week. 

My house is a mess, my kids eat frozen pizza for the majority of their dinners during the week, my clothes are not the most stylish, and my hair is always a mess…From know on…you’ll read about my daily life with the most amazing little 4 and 6 year old. 

So, here goes…I finally finished my semester…and somehow pulled a 4.0 out of my butt  somewhere…

Last weekend was amazing!!  We headed down the beach for Winterfest.

looks like snow to me???

We had ticket for the show when we got there…

You know..the gun show:)  We headed to dinner at the Dough Roller..yummy!!  On Saturday, Mom and I rode through Rehobeth and hit the outlets for some Christmas shopping.  The J Crew outlet is my fav for the kid…and Harry & David is good for me.  I got myself some Dark Chocolate Peppermint Coffee…it is so good and my kitchen smells amazing.  After a long day of shopping we headed to dinner and then back to the hotel to get bundled up for the lights.

lil b and my mom

me and my mom ❤

We packed up and headed home the next day.  This is one of the best trips that I take every year with my mother…she is my closest friend and I am so lucky to have her!


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