Enjoying The Chaos

of life…with kids, school, and work

somethings up.. December 1, 2010

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when I came home to this…no fighting, no crying, no yelling…just loving..hmm

I got straight to work on dinner…I had been planning on making my first spaghetti squash for the last few weeks…so I followed Emily’s direction to Mastering the Spaghetti Squash 

Cutting this was super difficult..I had to recruit P ditty…

I brushed with EVOO and spread minced garlic all over it and then placed in the oven at 375° for an hour..it still wasn’t as tender as I had hoped so I put it in for another 20ish minutes…can you see the amazing chunks of garlic??

While this was roasting away and making my house smell INCREDIBLE, I dipped some chicken breast in egg and bread crumbs and browned them…topped them with red sauce and mozz cheese and baked along side the squash until the cheese melted…

After the squash cooled enough..it was time to get to business..this was the most fun…scrapping…

I topped it with a piece of my chicken parm..and it was the perfect pair…I will totally be making this again..

P ditty topped it with butter, salt and pepper and ate the majority  of the squash..lol


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