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What A Wonderful Day November 24, 2010

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First, I woke up to the smell of tortilla soup this morning.  The other day I found a recipe for slow cooking tortilla soup over at NherShoes and knew that I had to make it.  I cooked my chicken last night after the grocery store and then put everything into the crock pot…this was my first crock pot attempt since getting it for a bridal shower gift back in 2004:/  I couldn’t wait for lunch!  I topped it with cheddar cheese, some lite sour cream and tortilla chips…OMG!!!

On to the thing I am most thankful for this year…my father is finished his Radiation treatments.  We all headed to the cancer center at UMMC to see him..









This is my daddy…ringing that damn bell.  On the last day of radiation a code Sunshine is called out through the intercom and the patient gets to ring the bell…I have been to treatment with my dad a few times and I love to hear that bell ring…remember…everytime a bell rings an angel get it’s wings….I just love it

I had to go and finish my work day…

Then home to make dinner!!!  Let me just tell you how awazing dinner was…I got this recipe from Womens Day magazine…Cheesy Baked Pasta with Vegetables..

I cooked the noodle and added the broccoli at the end…

In a skillet, I melted some Smart Balance and sauted a chopped onion and mushrooms…

The recipe said to whisk 4 cups of whole milk with the flour, salt and pepper..but I used reduced fat milk..and added it to the mush and onions…

once the sauce thickened…I added the cheese…it called for fontina cheese but I used parmesan..because that is what I had…

I mixed everything together and placed it in a baking dish…

I added some bread crumbs and more parm cheese..and baked

This was so yummy..and I totally recommend it…

Off to get ready for tomorrow’s Turkey trot! 


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