Enjoying The Chaos

of life…with kids, school, and work

Stuffed… November 23, 2010

Filed under: dips,family — enjoyingthechaos @ 10:41 pm

My schedule is so stuffed right now I am finding it hard to find any time for anything….

This morning I had to be at work at 7am…holy cow that is early for me…

I started the day with, of course, my coffee and a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna bar and a banana…at my desk…

I also snacked on an orange, a plum, strawberry Chobani with Back to Nature Chocolate Delight granola…this stuff is my fav right now…

For lunch, I had Progresso Chicken & Dumplings and these amazing crackers..

After work..I headed to the grocery store with my mom to shop for our Thanksgiving feast…

I came home after and put away my groceries..and ate a yummy apple with caramel dip…

Now off to make some Tortilla Soup….can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!!!

Night All!!


One Response to “Stuffed…”

  1. Love me some tortilla soup! Its one of the BEST cold weather foods, for sure! Plus making it at home always cuts so much fat, etc! Delicious!

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