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Ready…Set… November 18, 2010

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Tomorrow is go time…I’ll get to what I mean in a second

I have to admit that today I ate 2 fun size bags of M&Ms and drank a half of a coke…I am determined to be true to myself and I can’t be accountable if I don’t put it all out there…

For lunch I ate a cheese sandwich…just regular old american cheese on two slices of wheat breat….it was yummy.  I LOVE ALL KINDS OF CHEESE!

When I got home I had to take lil b to get some tights…I have went to 3 different places and no one has ballet pink tights….I guess everyone is wearing ballet pink this holiday…so I found ballet pink tights and this

no…I did not buy my children a rat or a hampster…this is a hair piece that lil b’s dance teacher said she had to have.  I don’t know that many 4-year-old little girls…but when the teacher said their hair had to be in a bun…I thought WHAT???  Have you seen my daughter’s hair..it is thin, and not even shoulder length…how do I make that into a bun???  Get a hair piece  :/

This is the face of a sick little girl…she had a weird cough and right as we stepped into the door of dress rehersal she started with a fever….So we bundled her up…*can you see the hairpiece??*

*note: this is not her costume…that is under wraps until Saturday’s show..you’ll have to check back for pics…*  This is lil b’s coverup.  Most of the little girls wear robes but not lil b…she has to be wrapped in my scarf and one of my sweaters that looks like a dress on her…she is in the 6th number of the show..so right after her dance we bundled up and got into the truck quicker then lightening…

Once home..I got lil b comfy and then started on my dinner..I decided since last Saturday that I needed to try and recreate my grilled teryaki salmon..and tonight was the night.

Yummy piece of salmon, that ditty picked up that the grocery store the other day, marinating in teryaki marinade..

Cut up some veggies…brussel sprouts, onions, broccoli and cauliflower..mixed up with some EVOO, salt and pepper…roast in the oven on 400 degrees for 25 min…

It totally rocked..and it was way better then the Cheeseburger in Paradise meal that I had…This was my first attempt at cooking salmon and I am happy that it worked out!  I paired the fish with roasted veggies and whole grain brown rice.   I have enough to eat for lunch tomorrow..unless ditty eats it first…

So back to what I am gearing up for…I just registered for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge..i found this on NherShoes..a blog that I read religiously everyday…I am very excited to get started *it starts tomorrow*…so prepare for lots of food posts and some exercising posts…I better start getting to bed early so that I can wake up early and utilize my onDemand exercise segments…See you all tomorrow!!!


4 Responses to “Ready…Set…”

  1. Sue Says:

    Cheese sandwich is my favorite. I ate one every day as a kid 🙂

    I just signed up for the Holiday Booty Blaster Challenge too. Guess we better get busy!

    • Yes, we better…luckily, my semester at school is almost over so I will have a bit more time on my hands to get in a run or a yoga class…plus thank goodness for on Demand exercise videos..they are a lifesaver!! Keep me posted as to your progress!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Erin – This meal looks yummy!! And, I love the hair piece!!

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