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Paper Time November 14, 2010

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UGH…have I mentioned I hate writing papers?  I have a 12 page paper due for my Social Policy course due on Tuesday.  I have done all of my research so now I just have to put all the info together into a readable document…UGH

Before I can even start I need my daily cup of jo…

I can’t even function without this…

Since it is Sunday we are headed to church.  My goal was to be at the Farmer’s Market by 8am and then to church by 10:30…but since I am sitting here on the computer at 9:50am it is obvious I am not making it to the Farmer’s Market.  Maybe next week…I hate that I missed it all Spring/Summer/and now Fall. 

My church, which is amazing, used to offer Saturday night service.  I LOVED IT because then I could wake up on Sunday morning and head to the FM under the JFX…They stopped the Saturday services at the beginning of the Spring..which made me sad.  How can I choose between God and veggies?!?

I usually like to make a nice big breakfast for the kids on Sunday.  Today it was a quick one..

EMs and oragnes.  I need to mention that I love paper plates! I see so many cute plates and bowls on other blogs…*twinge of jealousy*, but I opt for paper products (they are recycled and then i recycle them).  It makes everything easier with my kids. 

When I bought my house 2 years ago..it did not come with a dishwasher…of course it did come with very ugly cabinets, gross linoleum floors, and outdated paneling..wait, was paneling ever not out dated?  So, paper plates are the way for me. 

K had the same breakfast but on a plate that had blue flower…we compromise…it has blue on it.  God forbid he eat his breakfast off of a pink plate:/

Well…breakfast is done and plates are in the recycling bin…off to church!!


3 Responses to “Paper Time”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    haha- the pink plate is pretty fantastic! he needs to embrace the PINK lol.
    ew i have 2 essays due next week- such having to sit down and write research papers huh! good luck !! ❤

  2. Sana Says:

    Did you go to the Catonsville Farmers Market today?

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