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DATE NIGHT!!! November 12, 2010

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First off, I need to just start off by saying that Thursdays, I am MIA.  After waking up and getting K to school I head off to work from 8am-6pm then straight to school from 7-9:40pm.  I really dislike my Thursdays because I miss these little faces…









I am almost at the end of my semester and I am so excited.  I am debating whether I should take a winter class or not…if I do..it is one less class I have to take later and if I don’t…I can take a break before starting up again in the Spring.  I have the rest of the month to decide…

So, I am trying to take my lunch to work and make better food choices.  This morning..like every morning I woke up and headed, in a sleepy fog to the kitchen to grab this…

I paired it with an bagel thin with peanut butter…yum..and a banana

No pics of lunch…and that is a good thing for you because you would be bored TO DEATH…Progresso  Chicken and Barley Soup and some bagel chips.  My co-worked was night enough to grab me an unsweetened iced tea from Chick-fil-a.  I have to admit that I have a small addiction to sweet tea.  For the last year I have ordered unsweet tea and added equal.  I am almost to the point where I don’t need any sweetner…see I am trying:)

The best part of my week happened at 6:18pm…I came home from work to a DANCE PARTY!!!


  Every so often, I get the opportunity to have date night with my kid.  I try to give each one of them special Momma time.  They have to share me all the time..it’s nice for us to spend some alone time.  So, after dropping lil b off for a slumber party with my sister…K and I headed to Target and then out to dinner…his choice.. Pizza.  The kid only eats chicken, pizza and cereal..so I figured I already knew where we were headed.  This is were all my good eating for the week…went down hill.  Not only did I have 2 slices of a pizza..I also ate hot wings.  I try with all of my internal power to not eat this type of food.  I am working very hard to change the choices I make for healier ones…but I do slip up and I won’t let it bother me too bad…Tomorrow i a new day..filled with running, push ups and sit ups.

Oh,  we are getting professional pictures done of us and the kids tomorrow.  My sister and my neice are coming along.  Let me just say that I think my sister is one of the most beautiful women alive and my niece i the cutest thing ever…

So, it’s time to call it a night.  I am so glad it is Friday.  I have a big night planned tomorrow night as well.  I usually NEVER go out..so for it to happen 2 nights in a row CRAZY!! 

I can’t wait to see Steph and Jenny tomorrow for a GNO!!



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