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Gettin Excited!!! November 10, 2010

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About what you ask????

having dinner with this pretty lady on Saturday night!!

This is Stephanie.  She is my bestest friend in the world.  We have been through so much together, good and bad.  We met when I was almost 13-years-old and our relationship has had many ups and downs but we are always there for one another.  We have been in each other’s weddings, been there when the other’s babies were born..lived at the beach for an amazing summer together and about a year ago, I decided that we needed to start doing something for ourselves.  We all agreed that we would go out the first Friday of every month for dinner…it lasted maybe 3 months…ALL MY FAULT!  Life Happens right?  Well, I have finally found the time to make a date with my beautiful friend so we will be going to dinner this Saturday…the location has not been decided..

oh..and she gave me my favorite coffee mug!  No matter what I drink…coffee, tea, hot water or juice…this is what I drink out of every morning…she just knows me:)

If you are wondering, I did stay home from work today.  K is not feeling well at all…so that meant there was a little sleeping in, if you call 8am sleeping in, and a lot of snuggling…these morning are the best.

I used to be a SAHM and got to start my morning like this every morning, but I went back to work full-time in July.  P ditty and I separated 3 1/2 years ago, when lil b was just 5 months old, and I was able to stay home for a while.  I went back to school and in my last year, I got a great little job at Anne Arundel Community College’s bookstore.  It was a small part-time gig that got me out of the house for a few hours a week, put a little spending money in my pocket, and gave me the opportunity to meet some great people.  After graduation in May of 2010, it was time to get a real job…so  I went back to the private ambulance co that I worked for before my little one were born.  I miss my babies dreadfully everyday and wish there was some way to stay home and give them hugs all day. I know now that when I had the opportunity to be the best SAHM..I didn’t take it:(  K has dealt with the adjustment well…being in school the majority of the day helps a lot….but lil b has not adjusted so well.  On my day off and the weekends..I try to plan extra time with her because she was so used to having me all the time.  I give so much credit and have the utmost respect for SAHMs..as much as I love the idea…I just didn’t do a great job of it.  If I didn’t have to do 10 hour days, working probably wouldn’t be so tough…but for now I’ll tough it out…just 2 1/2 more years of school to get my BA…

Lil b took advantage of me being home today and wanted french toast for breakfast…she is my little cook

The girl’s favorite shows are on the Food Network.  When we go into stores..it is the cooking utensils that fascinate her.  K is my picky eater…if it isn’t a chicken nugget, a pizza or some type of cereal he won’t eat it..but lil b will try anything once…and if she doesn’t like it..she’ll try it again.  She is such a little independent person and I love it..so far my plan to raise a strong, unique, big-hearted little lady is working!!

We whipped up my mom’s french toast.

1 egg

dash of vanilla

mix well and dip bread…place in frying pan and cook on both sides until egg is cooked…we like to top with butter (smart balance), cinnamon and a little sugar…YUM!!

she came back for another piece…lol

I am off to write some interview questions for a meeting with an old Professor who works for CPS.  I have a 12 page paper due next week for my Social Policy class..UGH..I hate writing papers:/


One Response to “Gettin Excited!!!”

  1. Steph Says:

    Thanks for the compliment E. Looking forward to seeing you too!

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